Mission Statement

Mr.E TV: Providing purpose filled short films.

Mission: To produce, procure & provide video content which makes known the mystery of the gospel in order to reach those who don’t know God.


  1. Produce films that present the gospel and or a biblical truth.

  2. Procure good quality gospel media produced by others.

  3. Provide the gospel world wide 24/7.

Why? A study done by Northwestern University & the Kaiser Family Foundation found that the average young person spends between 8 & 13 hours per day consuming some form of entertainment media.

And… the average young person does not know Jesus.

Mystery Ministries & Mr.E TV are soul conscious ministries, devoted to producing, procuring and providing the gospel of Jesus Christ the way we believe He would if He were here today.

Minimum Annual Budget: $120,000 annually.

Will You Prayerfully Consider investing in the gospel?

We’re need:

1000 supporters @ $120 annually

or 100 entities @ $1200 annually